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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Tyler Childers Playlist:

Tyler Childers Playlist

It won’t be the first time in the history of country music that singers and songwriters from the bluegrass state of Kentucky have come to the rescue of Nashville. Tyler Childers Playlist

With singers like Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson calling Kentucky home, there’s no question that the best real country artists today are coming out of Kentucky. Tyler Childers is no exception.

Tyler Childers is from Paintsville, KY on the east side of the state. Childers performed in bars for nearly a decade before the world started to catch on to how good this kid from Kentucky is, and could be.

Childers just released his latest album “Country Squire”. It’s sure to be a classic, but that’s not where the Tyler Childers story starts. Before you listen to Country Squire, grab some headphones and listen to Tyler Childers story before Country Squire. If you love his music, you can check him out here

Top 10 Childers Songs: Tyler Childers Playlist (2019)

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